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Introduction to EP - Working In the EP Lab

So Who does what?

          Staffing in the EP Lab can be broken down into two primary areas, patient care and technical positions. It is fair to say that everyone in that lab is there to take care of the patient, yet when you look at the way each job position is performed, it becomes easy to separate them into the groups listed above.

          The position you choose to work in the lab can have a significant impact on your transition into the EP. If what you are doing in the EP lab is similar in nature to what you have done before, your transition will be relatively smooth. This applies predominately, to the patient care positions. If, however, you are going to be acting in a technical role, you will find that there are significant differences to the role you performed in the cardiac cath lab. It is for the technical people starting in the EP lab that the trial by fire applies.

          This next section describes so of the different duties you may be asked to perform in the lab. My own experience was from the technical aspect so my description of the technical duties will contain a higher level of detail than the section on patient care.


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