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The EP Lab - The Physical Lab

Building a new EP Lab

          Starting an EP program is a lot like moving. Put yourself in the position of a small family who discover that a new addition to the clan will be arriving in the not so distant future. You look around your current residence and realize that it will not be adequate for your changing needs. Now you have to start considering what options are open to you. Should you build a new house with more room, remodel your current home, or look around for a place that will meet your growing needs? Which ever choice you make will shape the future of your family, so you have to choose wisely.

          If you are considering adding an EP program to your facility, please read this section from start to finish. During the time I have spent working in cardiac electrophysiology, I have had the opportunity to visit close to one hundred different labs. This time has provided me with a good perspective of what works well and what should be avoided. This section has been written with the hopes that I can help out anyone who is involved with the process of setting up a new EP Lab.

Layout of the Lab – This section deals with information regarding the physical aspects of the room including size, layout and control room setup.

Sterile or Semi-sterile – One of the questions that has come up from time to time revolves around the sterility requirements of an EP lab. Should your EP lab be set up as a sterile room, or is a semi-sterile procedure room enough? This section will try to address this question.

Problems with Power – Power has been a problem in almost every lab I have been in. There is never enough plugs and there is always too much electrical noise. Thoughts and suggestions about the problems with power have been presented here.

The Cable Conundrum – With all the advanced equipment and different devices comes cables to connect them. This section deals with how to handle the cables that more often than not, end up strewn across the floor creating a potentially hazardous situation. Some creative solutions have been added in this section. If you are looking for information on connecting EP catheters and the cables used to hook them up, please see the Catheters and Cables page.

Storage Solutions – The key to good work flow is easy access to all the various pieces of equipment that may be needed during EP procedures. Easy access means good storage and that takes planning. Check this area for some possible solutions to the storage situation.

Are You Dedicated? – This section reviews some of the pro’s and con’s that should be evaluated when considering a hybrid or cross-over lab in favor of a dedicated EP lab.



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