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EP Fundamentals - Signal Filtering

Surface ECG, Intracardiac Bipolar and 4 Intracardiac Non-Contact Unipolar Electrograms at 0.1 Hz















Source 1:  Cardiac Electrophysiology – From Cell to Bedside 3rd Edition; Douglas P. Zipes, MD and Jose Jalife, MD ISBN # 0-7216-7811-4           Cell to Bedside has long been one of the definitve resources for those who work in the electrophysiology labratory. This book is not for beginners as it presents a depth of knowledge that is often difficult to grasp without extensive experience. If you have been working in EP and are seeking to expand your knowledge beyond the basics, the this book is a must.
Source 2:  Cardiac Pacing - Edited by Kenneth A. Ellenbogen; ISBN 0-86542-184-6           This book comes is one of the early pacing texts. I found information in here regarding unipolar and bipolar sensing that was worth adding to this section.  This topic will be expounded in the section on intracardiac electrograms.
Source 3:  Clinical Electrocardiography, a Simplified Approach - 7th Edition / Ary L. Goldberger ISBN           This is a good resource for those who are new to interpretting the surface electrocardiograms. This was one of the few books where I found information on the specific electrode hookups for unipolar and bipolar.
Order these books at            If you are looking to add any of these texts to your library, click on the link above to visit the Cardiotext website. Select the section on Electrophysiology to see some of the latest titles available.
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