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The EP Lab - EP Organizations

Information Resources

           There are numerous organizations that provide information for those who seek to learn more about cardiac electrophysiology. Some of these groups provide information on specific topics while others address a wide variety of subject matters. 

Heart Rhythm Society - HRS, formerly NASPE, has a long standing history of working to advance knowledge of cardiac electrophysiology. Anyone who works in this field knows of the international symposium that is held on an annual basis. No other organization has done more for this field than HRS. Besides the yearly symposium, HRS also delivers the most comprehensive examinations for Allied Professionals who seek to demonstrate their competency in the areas of device based EP or catheter based EP.

Heart Rhythm Foundation - Founded in 1979, the Heart Rhythm Foundation represents over 4500 physicians, scientists and associated professionals from over 70 countries around the world. This groupd is dedicated to advancing the understanding of cardiac rhythm disorders by supporting both research and education pertinent to this field of medicine.

Medline Plus- Presented by the US National Library of Medicine, this web site has information about abnormal cardiac rhythms and implantable devices.

Arrhythmia Alliance - Cardiac information web site with information for patients written by patients. There are also sections for physicians that were written by physicians.

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