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The EP Lab - EP Industry

Advancing EP through Advanced Technology

          The industries that create equipment for the field of electrophysiology have been a driving force behind the growth of this field. As we learn more about treating abnormalities of the heart's electrical system, it has been industry that creates the tools that allow the field to advance. A few of the companies that create products used in EP are listed here. This list is, by no means, complete. If there is a company you would like to see listed here, use the Contact Us link in the lower left hand side of most of the pages found on this site.

St. Jude Medical - Through a process of acquisitions over the past decade, St. Jude has become the most diverse EP company in the world today. This is the only EP related company that provides products the touch upon every aspect of EP including Brady Devices, Tachy Devices, Diagnostic and Interventional Catheters, RF Generator, Standard and Specialty Sheaths, EP Recording, Intracardiac Ultrasound, Cardiac Mapping, Heart Valves, Epicore AF Ablation and more.

Boston Scientific - After the purchase of Guidant, Boston Scientific now provides Brady and Tachy Devices, EP Catheters for both diagnostic and Interventional Purposes, EP Sheaths and an RF Generator.

Biosense Webster - Biosense Webster provides Diagnostic and Interventional Catheters for EP procedures along with Standard and Specialty Sheaths. Complimenting these items are an EP Recording System, a Cardiac Mapping System and an RF Generator.

Bard - Bard was the original leader in EP products and education. Today they still provide numerous EP catheters and an EP Recording System.  Bard also continues to provide on line education for those interested in learning about EP.

Medtronics - Known primarily for Brady and Tachy Devices, Medtronics did formerly provide EP Catheters, an electrode location system and an RF Generator. Today they focus on implantable devices.

EP Reward - Founded by Steve Miller RN, EP Reward provides platinum recycling services for EP Catheters. This web page also contains numerous additional categories that EP Professionals may find helpful.

ST Cardio Technologies - Providers of Windows based EP Stimulator. This device provides a computer based stimulator that runs on a Windows XP platform and also has an Analog Emulation mode for those more familiar with the older analog stimulators.

If you would like to see information on another EP Company, use the Contacts link on the left side of this page to let us know.

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