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The EP Lab - Tomes & Texts

Home of EP Books for those who wish to know more....

Cardiotext - Home page for one of the best web sites I have found for books specific to cardiac electrophysiology.
This site has a wide variety of books avaiable covering EP, ECG's, Arrhythmias, Devices, and Prep courses for the IBHRE Exam.     

 Cardiotext EP - EP specific texts.

Cardiotext ECG - Texts to help with ECG interpretation

Cardiotext Arrhythmias - Books for identifying and interpreting ECG's

Cardiotext IBHRE Prep - Looking for some help on the Heart Rhythm Society Exam? Check this link for books that may provide good information.

The following are a listing of some books that you may find useful...

The New EP Tech's Book - Written by Claude Rickerd, this is one of the few texts that seeks to provide an introduction to the EP Lab for those who are new to this work environment. Using simple, easy to understand terms and phrases, this book is a great tool for those starting out in EP.  Claude Rickerd has an extensive background in EP that started in an EP lab in Iowa. His first book, Don't Touch Anything Blue, was designed to provide basic instructions to new Cath Lab Techs. Currently, Claude works as an instructor teaching advanced cardiac mapping with St. Jude Medical. He is working on his third book that is a collection of waveforms for EP Staff to practice EGM interpretation. To order The New EP Tech's Book, contact Claude at
Handbook of Cardiac Electrophysiology - A Practical Guide to Invasive EP Studies and Catheter Ablation
Francis D. Murgatroyd, Andrew D. Krahn with George J. Klein, Raymond K. Yee and Allan C. Skanes
Foreword by William G. Stevenson
Published by ReMEDICA Publishing Limited
ISBN 1-901346-37-4
This is one of the books that you should find if you are trying to learn EP
          The Handbook of Cardiac Electrophysiology is one of the most comprehensive books for someone starting out to learn EP. Using a simple, straight forward approach, this book covers all the aspects of the EP Study in language that is easy to understand. Complete with clear, easy to read tracings and good anatomic diagrams, this is a must have for anyone who is new to EP. This book can be purchased by clicking here.

Essential Cardiac Electrophysiology with Self Assessment
Zainul Abedin and Robert Conner
Blackwell Futura
ISBN: 978-4051-5108-5

This is one of the books that you should find if you are trying to learn EP
          This particular text takes a rather unique approach to disseminating knowledge specific to the realm of cardiac electrophysiology. Each chapter is specific to a region of knowledge and includes a series of questions regarding that topic. Information is provided in a straight forward manner that is easy to comprehend. I would strongly recommend this book for any Allied Professional who already has a solid foundation of EP knowledge and seeks to advance themselves in this field. This is one that should end up in every serious EP library.

Clincal Electrophysiology Review
George J. Klein M.D.
Eric N. Prystowsky M.D.
ISBN: 0-07-035169-4

This is one of the books that you should find if you are trying to learn EP
          While this book is out of print, copies of it do become available from time to time. This is, by far, the most helpful book I have read for learning interpretation of electrograms. EGM's from various cases are presented with questions prompting the user to analyze the information and answer specific questions. Once you are ready, you simply flip the page to review the answer. There is nothing better than practice to help you learn EP, and second to being in the lab, this type of resource is the best learning tool you can get. Keep an eye out for this one and grab it if you can.

The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations - Volume 5 The Heart
Frank K. Netter M.D.
ISBN: 0-914168-85-1

This is one of the books that you should find if you are trying to learn EP
          This book is, by far, the best antomical resources available for learning about the structures and physiology of the heart. Dr. Netter was a pathologist who also was an artist. During his career, he would make paintings of the human body and its organs.

Rapid Interpretation of EKG's
Dale Dubin M.D.
ISBN: 0-912912-06-5

Excellent Text for learning ECG Interpretation
                    This book is written in an easy to understand, basic format that makes learning ECG interpretation easier for the reader. If you are relatively new at reading surface electrocardiograms, I would recommend this text as a learning tool.

Handbook of Cardiac Electrophysiology
Edited by Andrea Natalie / Co-edited by Oussama Wazni
Informa Healthcare
ISBN-10: 1 84184 620 1 / ISBN-13: 978 1 84184 620 0

A good solid EP Text
         This text covers a wide variety of topics that are pertinent to the field of EP. If you have an old copy of Fogoros, this is the updated and expanded version with information on newer EP topics. This would be a good book to have in your library.

Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology - Techniques and Interpretations, Fourth Edition
Mark E. Josephson, MD
Published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN 978-0-7817-7739-1

The EP Lab has not yet rated this book.
           Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology has only recently been published and as such, I have not had sufficient time to perform more than a prefunctory overview. What I have been able to review suggests that this book will make a fine addition to an EP library. One distinct advantage that this text has is that it comes with a code that allows the user to register at an online site that contains all the text and images on a fully searchable web site. This feature makes this an excellent research tool for students of EP. To learn more about this book or to purchase it, click here.

Practical Electrophysiology
Todd J. Cohen M.D.
HMP Communications
ISBN 0-9706514-57

A good solid EP Text
         This is another newer addition to the EP market. While not as extensive as the Handbook listed above by Dr. Natalie, this book does have good information that will be beneficial to those who are new in the field of EP.

Electrophysiology Testing
Richard N. Fogoros M.D.
ISBN: 0-632-04325-3

Good Basic EP Text
          This was one of the original EP textbooks. Fogoro's has long been known as a standard inclusion in learning tools for cardiac electrophysiology. More recent publications present similar material written in an easier to understand format.
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