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Guide to The EP Lab...

Home Page - The main page of The EP Lab web site.
  Introduction to EP - A trial by fire.
    EP Defined - What is cardiac electrophysiology?
    Getting Started - How do you get started in this field?
      Prerequisite Skills - What skills do you need to succeed in EP?
      Program Selection - What type of program provides the best work environment?
      Career Considerations - Should you consider working for EP Industry?
    Working in the Lab - What does it mean to work in the EP Lab?
      Patient Care - Discussions on the perspective of EP for those who care for the patients.
      Techniclly Speaking - A look at the duties for those who handle all the equipment.
  The EP Lab - A look at the room where it all takes place and some of the issues specific to the EP Lab.
    The Physical Lab - When setting up a new lab, there are some considerations you should keep in mind.
      Layout of the Lab - What is the best set up for unimpeaded work flow?
      Are You Sterile? - Should the EP Lab be a sterile room, or a semi-sterile procedural room?
      Problems with Power - How to avoid the problems of too few plugs.
      Cable Conundrum - Cables connect everything. What do you do with all those cables?
      Storage Solutions - Some tips on how to set up storage based upon experience.
      Are You Dedicated? - Should the EP Lab be a dedicated room with dedicated staff?
    Tools of the Trade - What are the various pieces of equipment needed for the EP Lab?
      X-Ray / Fluoro - Found in every lab, should you use single plane or biplane?
      Recording Systems - Some thoughts on how to pick out a good recording system.
      Cardiac Stimulators - From switches and knobs to full blown computerized control.
      Sheaths & Introducers - A look at some of the different sheaths used in EP.
      Catheters & Cables - A discussion on the various catheters used and how to hook them up.
      Ablation Generators - RF generators and Cryo ablation systems
      Cardiac Mapping - 3D Mapping is becoming the norm in most labs. Which should you choose?
      Transseptal Tools - A look at the tools used to cross over to the other side.

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